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QuickStart Guide: Write a Tagline for Your Web Site

Why You Do This Step

A tagline tells people who visit your site what they will get out of your site. 

A good tagline tells your target audience that they've come to the right site. 

A bad tagline confuses your target audience.

How You Do This Step

Finding a good tagline for your web site is hard work and it may take you days or months or years to get it perfect. 

But you can make a good start right now.

Your goal is to create a tagline that tells people in a few words what they can expect out of you. It tells them whether they're in or out of your target audience. 

The tagline for DitDat is this: "Web sites for novelists who hate marketing."

You know right away if that interests you.

A good tagline should be clear. It should be specific. It should target a very narrow niche. 

You might worry that if your niche is narrow, that might scare away potential customers.

Not really.  A narrow niche gets your target audience incredibly excited about you. They know that you really get them. 

But it doesn't scare away customers who are a bit outside your target audience, as long as they are fairly close.

At DitDat, we are most interested in helping novelists. Our tools are created especially with novelists in mind. But of course we'll also help nonfiction writers, freelance editors, and literary agents. We believe we'll do well if the only people who work with us are novelists. If we get some of those others, so much the better.

Ask yourself the following questions about your work:
  • What category of fiction do I write?
  • What subcategory within that category?
  • Who is my target audience? (This MAY mean defining your target reader's gender, age, etc. But it will definitely mean spelling out what your target reader loves in fiction--what emotive hot buttons you want to punch.)
  • What do I give my readers that nobody else can give them?
  • How can I express that in just a few words?
Look at our tagline again. We know our target audience. Our ideal customer is all of these things:
  • A novelist
  • Who needs a web site
  • And who hates marketing
Take a stab right now at writing your tagline. What kind of fiction do you write? Can you spell it out in a few words that tell people how you are different from every other writer on the planet? Or at least most of them?

Now what do you do with your tagline? That's easy. Click on the Admin menu in your menu bar and then click on the 
"Organization Settings" menu item. The Organization Settings page will open. Click on the Variables section and fill in your Site Tagline field. You may have already entered something. But you have probably improved it a lot by doing the exercise above.

In the months and years to come, you'll understand yourself better and better. At any time, if you come up with a better tagline for your site, you can change it on the Organization Settings page. It'll then get filled in all over your site in the right places. 

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