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For Writers

I have a blog dedicated to writing tips and resources for writers, my Story Sensei blog .

My writing tips blog posts are listed by category on the Story Sensei blog's right sidebar under "Categories." Quick links to longer articles are also on the blog's right sidebar under "Articles."

Story Sensei newsletter

If you'd like emails sent to you when each worksheet is available, feel free to subscribe to my Story Sensei newsletter. I won't clog up your email Inbox--For the first few months, I'll send one email a month because I'll be releasing my worksheets about once a month, but then after that I will only send out emails when I have a new Story Sensei product or a sale. I tend to have new worksheets only about once a year. 

.pdf copies

If you bought my worksheet as a Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Kobo ebook and you’d like a .pdf copy, forward your email receipt for the ebook to camy@camytang.com and I’ll send instructions for downloading a .pdf copy.

Already bought a worksheet?

If you bought a worksheet directly from me in the past, I'm happy to give you access to the page to download the updated version for free. Please message me and let me know the email address you used to buy it (if it’s different) so I can find your order.

Story Sensei worksheets

For intermediate level writers, I offer inexpensive worksheets to help you write a synopsis, develop your characters, deepen character point of view, and doctor your own book.

Update 10/2014: I will be releasing all my Story Sensei worksheets as Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo ebooks over the next few months. You can sign up for my newsletter to be informed when each worksheet is available.

Story Sensei worksheet downloads

Looking for your worksheet(s) to download? The download page links are here. You need to login and you will only be able to see the page if you purchased the worksheet directly from me and I have had time to manually give you permission to view the page.