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You purchase signed copies of some of my books on SignedbytheAuthor.com. It's easy to order, and you can specify personalization, so that your book is signed to any person you'd like.

I can also send you a free autographed bookplate sticker that you can stick inside your book. Just fill out my Contact form to request it. Be sure to let me know which of my books you have, and I'll send you a sticker for all of them!
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Sonoma Series

I have a romantic suspense series set in Sonoma, California. (I call it the Sonoma Series—yes, my creativity is astounding. LOL) While the series is loosely linked, you can read the books out of order and not be confused.

Out now is book #4, Narrow Escape

Book #4.1, Necessary Proof (novella), is free! 

Book #4.2, Unshakeable Pursuit, is available in the Inspy Kisses anthology and will soon be available in ebook and print formats. Stay tuned!

Protection for Hire Series

Protection for Hire is the first book in a humorous romantic suspense series.

First she served as a mob enforcer. Then she went to prison for a crime she didn't commit, where she found Christ. Now, Tessa Lancaster wants to use her unique skill set to help people. Forming her own protection agency, she is forced to team up with Charles Britton, the lawyer who helped put her away, while fending off the pressure of her mob boss uncle to work for the family again. Factor in some wild family dynamics and you've got an action-packed, romantic series as Tessa and Charles discover the reality of being made new in Christ.

I am hoping to self-publish the 3rd Protection for Hire book in late 2015! If you belong to my newsletter, you'll be sure to hear when it's available.

Sushi Series

My Sushi Series is humorous contemporary romance, and the fourth book, Weddings and Wasabi, is available now as a Print on Demand novella or an ebook.

Four cousins commiserate their single status—Lex the Jock, Trish the Flirt, Venus the Cactus, and Jennifer the Oddball. The only Christians in their large extended family, they vow to fight the stigma of the infamous family title, Oldest Single Female Cousin. But they have very different ideas about not acting as desperate as they feel about their bleak love lives. Who knew God would have His own plans of true love for each of them?

Update 7/2014: Awesome news! Redbud Press is going to publish the 5th Sushi series book in December 2015. This will be a full length book, not a novella. Mimi will finally have her story! I know that's kind of a long ways away, so if you're on my email newsletter, you'll be sure to hear when it's available. You can sign up for my newsletter at the purple chair on the left.

Regency romance

Camy writes Christian Regency romance under her pen name, Camille Elliot. Click on the link to go to her Regency website to learn more about her books.